Toyota is working to move its headquarters to the Dallas area by 2017.  Although many companies lose much of their staff when relocating their office Toyota does not believe this will be the case.  They have polled their people and approximately 75% of them (in California Kentucky and New York) have said that they would be interested in relocating to the Dallas area. Additionally it’s expected that there will be near 1000 openings available for new hires with over 100 Dallas positions already posted on Toyota’s Career Page.

Toyota’s planned campus sits on 100 acres. It will include 5 buildings and have 2 million square feet of space combined. The buildings will be mostly glass and are designed to allow the maximum amount of natural light in.  They’re projecting for this project to cost upwards of $300 million dollars which will be well worth it to have all of their major U.S. divisions now combined on the same campus.

Toyota is hoping that this beautiful new space will inspire its employees which in turn will help their customers be better-served.  Click to read the full story by