Allen was originally established as a railroad water stop in the 1870’s and just 30 years ago, only 625 people inhabited this Collin County town. Today, the community is experiencing its all-time fastest rate of growth for residen- tial and business development, with nearly 103,383 residents. Since 2010, Allen has had a population growth of 22.7 percent.

A full range of parks, recreation  services and activities are available in Allen, offering a variety of league sports and children’s programs. Allen has nearly 40 public parks (either completed or under construction), plus golf courses, recreation centers, tennis courts, baseball diamonds and soccer fields.

Residents of Allen enjoy close proximity to such points of interest as Lake Lavon, just east of Allen, with its 11 parks and over one hundred miles of shoreline; Connemara, a 73-acre conservatory featuring performances  by Dallas area symphonies and dance groups, and the Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary north of town on FM 1378.