DFW Employment:

The Dallas-Fort Worth regional economy is among the most diverse in the nation which means that area businesses draw from a deep base of well-educated and skilled workers. Logistics and trade technology and advanced services represent the lifeblood of the Dallas-Fort Worth regional economy offering competitive advantages for this area on both the national and the international levels. Businesses in Dallas-Fort Worth can move goods quickly and cost effectively using a robust intermodal network that connects to regional centers by truck and by air.

The region’s technology sector led by international powerhouses such as Texas Instruments Inc. and AT&T has helped develop a strong base of engineers and information science professionals to lead product innovation for the world. The DFW area has a strong base of headquarters and other professional services making the region a magnet for business leadership

Advanced services traditionally have meant headquarters but also include financial professional and technical services.  Complex technologies and transnational operations have pushed most of the growth in advanced services activities into highly specialized firms and enterprises. The Dallas | Fort Worth region has an exceptionally large number of these operations and continues to attract major operations and headquarters. Dallas-Fort Worth currently has over 20 Fortune 500 company headquarters and more than 39 headquarters making the Fortune 1000.

A diverse group of household names such as ExxonMobil Texas Instruments AT&T American Airlines J.C. Penney KimberlyClark and Fluor call the region home reflecting the area’s strong fundamentals when it comes to workforce access and cost of doing business.

DFW’s corporate powerhouse companies are distributed throughout the region an indication of its strength quality of the workforce and ease of navigation between cities and corporate centers. Dallas-Fort Worth’s diverse base of employers drives the region’s economic strength pulling from a variety of industries so that growth is possible even during weak business cycles.