Exploring a new city and finding a place to live is one of the most exciting experiences of anyone who’s relocating to another area of the country. And if that area is the DFW metroplex you can be sure you’ll find lots of affordable housing options in neighborhoods of all kinds.

With 12 counties more than 200 cities and a population of more than 6 million there’s no doubt that’s a lot of area to cover. Each county and city has its own unique lifestyle identity and culture and that can be a dizzying prospect for those new to town.

But the good news is that for residents and those relocating to the Dallas area that kind of explosive growth has meant even more housing options – from suburban neighborhoods and small towns to planned communities and downtown urban living.

Housing is affordable here too. Overall the Dallas/Fort Worth area has a low cost of living that’s typically several points below the national average and considerably lower than major east and west coast cities. Refer to our Cost of Living comparison in this guide for a more comprehensive chart to compare other costs of living here like healthcare groceries transportation and more.

Home prices in the DFW metroplex have also stayed relatively stable during the recent economic recession – without either the rapid price escalation that occurred on the West and East Coasts or the plunging of home values that happened in other regions. The fact is that the strength of the DFW market is the result of a diverse economic base that has kept unemployment figures below national levels – and that has also kept area housing affordable.