The United States Secretary of Commerce reported that the U.S. set a new record of exports in 2013 at $2.3 trillion.  Sixteen states contributed to this new record by generating an increased number of exports from previous years.  Texas topped the list by exporting $279.7 in merchandise – more than a $100 billion lead over California the second highest exporter.

The substantial increase in exports is a lead contributor to Texas’ economic growth with Mexico and Canada comprising its largest trade markets.  Several metropolitan areas in the state helped contribute to this growth.  The Dallas-Fort Worth area had $27.8 billion in exports in 2012 the second largest recorded in the state.  Austin the state’s fifth largest exporter sold $9 billion in merchandise abroad.

The increase in exports has led to economic and employment successes at the local level signifying a growth in participating Texas businesses and increased job availability for manufacturing workers.