Founded in 1913, in Dallas, TX, The Hockaday School provides a community of care and friendship and instills in every girl a love of learning, an understanding of herself and the principles which guide her life, and an appreciation of excellence in all its forms. As the largest all-girls school in the nation, Hockaday is a leader in providing girls with exceptional opportunities.

Believing in the Limitless Potential of Girls

Guided by the Four Cornerstones of Character, Courtesy, Scholarship and Athletics, Hockaday provides a college preparatory education for girls of strong potential and diverse backgrounds who will assume positions of responsibility and leadership in a rapidly changing world. Whether taking a master class with a guest lecturer in an Upper School Theater course, joining the Middle School geography competition or experiencing the Create, Collaborate, Innovate Class in Lower School, Hockaday students are inspired to discover their unique aptitude and awaken their intellectual curiosity. And through the School’s nationally recognized Institute for Social Impact, students engage with local communities through educational and purposeful projects that put their creative ideas in action for lasting social benefit. Through these experiences and many more, Hockaday engenders an appreciation of diversity and joy in self expression that enriches each student’s journey. The School’s 10:1 student to teacher ratio leads to inspired and innovative teaching and an approach that emphasizes individualized learning.

Why choose an all-girls school?

The reasons for choosing an all-girls education are numerous yet different for each student.  Hockaday girls are united by several advantages that ultimately cultivate creative and compassionate leaders.

Leading by Example

At Hockaday, girls actively pursue the best version of themselves with humility and confidence. Just as important, they are inspired to share their talent and make a positive impact on the community — not just in the future, but right now. The programs and classes are designed to refine their leadership skills and during their time at Hockaday students engage in a plethora of leadership opportunities. They believe that strong leaders develop over time and with experience because they lead and are willing to be led by their peers.

All Subjects are “Girl Subjects.”

Math, literature, science, art — because women thrive in every field, Hockaday girls defy outdated stereotypes. Caring teachers encourage them to speak up, explore broadly, and challenge the status quo. With 100% of Hockaday graduates earning college entry — many majoring in STEM — our students prove that their commitment to education and pursuing their passions can be invigorating.

More Than a Game

Athletics is among the four founding cornerstones because they provide lessons that endure long after competition on the playing field. Win or lose, students learn to value a healthy and balanced lifestyle, work together as a team, and to pursue success by pushing the limit. The sports activities, as well as the physical education classes, teach students to enjoy the mental, physical, and ethical balance that stems from teamwork, self-sacrifice, and perseverance.

A Forever Moment

At The Hockaday School, students are all-in, all together. By sharing distinctive experiences, girls forge more than friendships; they forge a family that is bonded for life. No matter where your daughter goes in the future, her Hockaday sisters will remain invested in her success, her wellbeing, and the shared commitment to our values. Hockaday’s alumnae programs are active and every year graduates are welcome back to campus to not only remember her own story, but to be inspired by the evolving activities of current students.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please visit www.hockaday.org to learn more.