Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD) programs are available in every school district in Dallas and are completely free. PPCD programs assist children ages 3-5 in preparing for further education. Below are some great PPCD programs in the Dallas area.


Irving Independent School District



Mansfield Independent School District



Dallas Independent School District



Northwest Independent School District




Child Study Center

The CSC diagnosis and treats autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities in children of all ages. The center aims to help children achieve their full potential despite developmental challenges.


Autism Treatment Center

With locations in both Dallas and Fort Worth ATC assists people on the autism spectrum learn play live and work in the community. They are experienced in diagnosing and treating autism in children and adults of all ages.

Upside Therapy

Upside Therapy provides psychological and psychoeducational testing Autism testing Asperger’s testing first time diagnosis and evaluation updates individual therapy couples and family therapy consultation and school collaboration in the DFW area.

The Ziggurat Group

The Ziggurat Group offers psychological and assessment services with the goal of assisting children and their families in improving their lives. In addition to autism spectrum diagnosis they also offer psychological intellectual educational speech language sensory and motor assessments and solutions.


ABA and VB

Applied Behavioral Analysis and Verbal Behavior centers can assist autistic children in overcoming the behavioral challenges that accompany autism spectrum disorders. Below are just a few of those located in the DFW area. A more complete list of centers in Texas can be found at www.autismspeaks.org.


ABA Academy

ABA Academy is a nonprofit organization that uses applied behavior analysis in a caring fun environment to assist children with autism and other developmental challenges. They encourage parents to learn effective techniques for working with their children by having them observe therapy sessions and consulting with BCBAs.


Achieve Beyond – Pediatric Therapy & Autism Services

Achieve Beyond Pediatric Therapy and Autism Services Texas provides pediatric therapy to help children reach their full potential. Education therapy and family support services are provided throughout the greater Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Located in Lewisville Texas they offer initial screenings parent or school consultations comprehensive evaluations and assessments in addition to therapy services.
Their professional and licensed staff is committed to serving special needs children with physical and developmental disabilities/delays or children who might need some extra assistance. Services are provided in their home in the clinic school or community environments. They accept many major insurance providers as well as offer Private pay options.

Behavioral Beginnings

Behavioral Beginnings offers consultations one-on-one sessions assessments and BCABA supervision. The organization also focuses on working with siblings of disabled children to ensure loving and fun play for everyone.


Andy’s Voice

The goal of Andy’s Voice is to give children and adults with learning disabilities the skills and tools necessary to have a voice in the community and live more independent enjoyable lives. Their services include Assessment ABA and VB therapy parent training and advocate services.


Autism Intervention Group

The Autism Intervention Group treats both children and adults with autism ADHD NLD and Aspergers. They provide services for assisting with language communication social play motor and education skills as well as theory of mind school and college readiness and behavior planning for the home.


Occupational Physical and Speech Therapy

North Texas Therapy and Home Care

North Texas Therapy and Home Care creates a relaxed atmosphere where individuals with disabilities can get the physical occupational and speech therapy they need to live full lives. The staff include physical therapists occupational therapists and Spanish translators.



Theraplay uses play as a form of therapy to help autistic children build confidence and crucial life skills. Their occupational therapy programs address issues such as decreased oral motor and play skills; hyperactivity and poor attention; and sensory integration dysfunction.


Hope Center for Autism

The Hope Center for Autism recognizes the vast behavioral differences across the autism spectrum and endeavors to work with each individual in a group setting to enable them to live more functional lives.