Major DFW Industries

Major DFW employment sectors are as varied as the city itself. According to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers (January 2011) the largest industries here include trade transportation and utilities (58,0000 employees); professional and business services (419,000 employees); education and health services (359,000 employees); and leisure and hospitality (282,000 employees).

Government is another big industry sector here employing 403,000. In fact 60 percent of America’s paper money is printed at the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing Western Currency Facility in Fort Worth.

The education and healthcare sector one of the largest employment sectors in the Dallas-Fort Worth area was the leading job growth industry for the year ended June 2009 with a whopping five percent growth.

Healthcare in particular has had a significant impact. The University of North Texas Center for Economic Development and Research in a 2011 study to estimate the overall economic impact of the healthcare industry in the DFW area found that “the value added by the healthcare industry in the region is $52 billion per year which represents about 15 percent of all regional economic activity.” (See Healthcare section in this article for more information.)