Prestonwood Christian Academy School System offers one of the strongest Christian education programs in the country providing biblical worldview training and integration to children in pre-school through 12th grade (9th grade at North Campus). PCA places great value on the growth of students’ spiritual health in addition to their scholastic endeavors and co-curricular activities.

PCA is founded on the philosophy of Kingdom education bringing into partnership the home church and school for the purpose of training the next generation.

In addition to PCA’s spiritual development plan the school also offers:

  • A rigorous liberal arts academic program; PCA students are consistently recognized for scholastic achievements such as National Merit Scholar and AP Scholar Awards.
  • PCA’s class of 2019 was awarded $16.5 million in scholarship for achievement in scholastics athletics and the arts. College Scholarships Offered Since 2002 Total $126709531
  • Enrichment programs such as STEM Honors Future Problem Solvers International and AP courses
  • Speech and communications training starting in first grade and continuing through senior year; Mock Trial Competition
  • Capstone Project in senior year

College guidance and placement services helping students matriculate to universities such as Yale Columbia Harvard TCU Baylor Dartmouth Gordon College SMU and Texas A&M.

Visit their website or call 972.930.4010 for more information or for tour dates to visit one of their two campuses.