There are many reasons why parents are choosing to elect a private school education for their child. One of the main reasons being that parents want to ensure that their children are getting the academic programs that they need to prepare them for college. Another reason may be for the extracurricular activities and athletic programs offered.

The number of private schools in the United States is growing. According to the Private School Universe Study, from the National Center for Education Statistics there were 33,319 private, elementary and secondary schools with 5,396,000 students choosing to move into private education. These private schools run the gamut, from the elite preparatory academics that cost more than $30,000 a year, to the less expensive parochial schools where tuition is often offset by generous donations. According to the most recent statistics from the National Association of Independent Schools, tuition for day schools ranged from a few thousand dollars to more than $30,000 a year.

The cost of private school in Dallas/Fort Worth

With a community of nearly 7.5 million people, it’s not surprising that there are over 400 private schools in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. According to – the annual average cost of tuition for private school in DFW is $13,299, which is higher than the Texas average of $10,063. Over half of the private schools in the metroplex are affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church and Christianity.

It is important to remember that private schools are not required to report the the Department of Education. Any statistics found on private schools on websites such as are self reported.