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As Families Look to Relocate, Some Turn to Online Schooling
Published on: September 13, 2021
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In 2019, more than 559,000 people moved to Texas, and it’s more than likely that the numbers have only increased in that timeframe.

Texas is becoming an increasingly popular place to live. Yet, families throughout the country are still hesitant to relocate, with their child’s schooling as one of the top concerns.

Being concerned for their child’s education in moving has many reasons: For one, moving any other time than the summer is a hard transition for a student, and they could fall behind. For another, making new friends, being labeled as the new kid, wondering if the local school will be “good enough”— all those things can make a family anxious about moving.

As a private online school, The Bridge School is available to students wherever they are. The lessons, curriculum and exams are all provided through an online award-winning curriculum called StrongMind, and teachers also connect individually to students to provide personalized support. The curriculum is aligned to national standards, as well as Texas standards.

Beyond relocating, students are finding that they prefer online school for the flexibility it can offer. For the athletes and performers, an NCAA approved online school like Bridge means earning diploma that’s accepted into colleges and earning athletic scholarships while pursuing passions. One student at The Bridge School, Caleb Durbin of the Houston Ballet, stated that the flexibility offered in online schooling is perfect for student athletes and performers, since they can attend practices whenever is needed and complete schoolwork at their pace.

“It really helped me follow my dreams, because without Bridge, there was no way I was going to be able to finish high school,” said Durbin. “I was able to focus my energy on working as hard as I can to become a professional ballet dancer without the traditional school environment. Also, after I finish my career, I have this fall back and can still go to college if I want, so I’m just following all my dreams.”

The Bridge School charges tuition at a much more discounted price than other private online schools. As one of the few aligned and approved exclusively online schools in Texas, The Bridge School anticipates seeing more Texas students enrolled in the 2021-22 school year, which started August, but students can enroll anytime.

“As a parent, I definitely like that The Bridge School opened up more options for my student,” said one parent Mrs. Ngyuen.” The high school experience is what they want, and they are able to do the things they like while earning the credits they need. Students are not the only ones who are happy to have a new, flexible schedule.”

About the author, Julie Taylor:  Head of The Bridge School, Julie Taylor has spent the past 20 years helping students find success as both a teacher and administrator. A true pioneer in online education, Taylor was a key administrator for one of the largest online K-12 schools in the nation. Taylor has served in roles including teacher, principal and Head of School. Additionally, she served as Director for national math remediation and instructional coaching programs.
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