There are many flooring products to choose from, but there is nothing quite like hardwood for your home.  Versatile enough to compliment nearly any preference, from rustic to contemporary, hardwood flooring evokes feelings of warmth and comfort while adding genuine value in any space.

The Impressions Flooring Collection believes homes are not built; they are shaped by the lives that live within them. That’s why Impressions Flooring delivers a canvas that unites each family with every step. Impressions is not in the business of building houses; they are in the pursuit of creating homes.

The Cape Neddick Series by Impression Flooring Collection goes out of its way to provide a unique combination that looks great in both modern and traditional homes. It offers a low gloss finish on an ultra-wide plank floor. This series has an aluminum oxide coating that gives you the visual appeal of an oil finish without the maintenance.

The finish on a hardwood floor is both an aesthetic and practical choice.  Factors such as sheen, (the amount of light the floor will reflect), required maintenance, and expected foot traffic all affect the decision-making process when choosing a finish.

Generally requiring less maintenance than their high gloss counterparts, satin and matte finishes are more forgiving in terms of showing dirt and scratches.  Aesthetically, the lower gloss hardwood finishes tend to create a more calm, lived-in feeling than the more dramatic high gloss options.

Each plank in the Cape Neddick Series is 7-1/2” wide and beautifully displays the unique detail of the timber. The surface of the wood is lightly wire brushed to further accentuate the rich graining found in this engineered European White Oak hardwood product.

Wire-brushing is a finishing technique where the wood planks are scraped with a hard-bristled wire brush, creating a distressed surface.  The point of a wood floor is to embrace its natural appeal. Light distressing can help enhance the wood grain and create more texture and personality.  As the wood is brushed, the soft grains from the growth ring are pulled back, exposing the heartwood.  The resulting look is a textured floor with a classically beautiful weathered, rustic look similar to what you would see with reclaimed or barn wood.

Engineered hardwood flooring is an alternative to the traditional solid hardwoods that generally spring to mind.  Engineered hardwoods are created by applying a hardwood veneer to a layered wooden or HDF core.  Overcoming some of the limitations of their traditional solid alternative, engineered hardwoods feature a cross layered core which provides additional dimensional stability to help prevent cupping and warping.  This in turn allows for both the manufacture of wider planks for a more contemporary look and an ability for the floor to be placed in areas where humidity would prevent a solid hardwood flooring product.

Flooring options and colors enable to creation of dynamic design. The choice of color for a floor takes into account the entirety of the space where it will lay. Increasingly, modern hardwood floors offer both character and color options to compliment or contrast existing elements such as furniture, cabinetry, and even walls.

Popular trends have expanded from the more traditional colors into higher contrast spectrums.  White-wash, blonde and caramel offset darker tones of espresso and walnut while varying shades of gray round out the palette.  These flooring options enable the creation of more dynamic designs with specific contrasting color focal points and accent colors in the room. The Cape Neddick Series has five colors to choose from and is a beautiful option for any home.

It’s important to clean your wire brushed hardwood flooring regularly to avoid buildup in the natural crevices. A dry mop pad is ideal, but a damp mop can be used to remove stuck-on dirt. Alternatively, sweep or vacuum your floors to remove loose dirt and debris. Make sure to use name brand floor cleaners. These brands have done their research and know what is best for your floors. Ingredients in multipurpose cleaners may harm your floors by causing buildup or by damaging your floor’s finish. Impressions Flooring Collections has an amazing floor cleaning kit, their collection includes non-toxic products for laminate, hardwood and LVP flooring.