Your Destination for Future Leaders

St. Philip’s School & Community Center is a noted faith based private school located minutes from downtown Dallas. With 75 years of educational excellence, we are committed to developing bright and compassionate leaders of tomorrow. To us, the “and” is the most important word in our name. By combining an innovative school with a thriving community center, we have an environment where the whole is greater than the sum of it its parts.

We provide our students an unparalleled educational experience by developing students who are Christ Centered, Culturally Aware, and Intellectually Driven. We develop Christ Centered students by helping them discover their God given purpose. A St. Philip’s student is taught to be Culturally Aware by celebrating their heritage, promoting self-love, and equipping them to become community change agents. Our students are intellectually driven to become critical thinkers and collaborators. All of these elements develop the whole child with life-long habits and commitments to scholarship, spirituality, and individuality.

  • Our students are spiritually enriched by daily chapel services which is the most important part of the day.
  • 60% of St. Philip’s graduating class of 2020 matriculated to an independent or parochial school
  • 100% of St. Philip’s students and faculty are equipped with 1:1 technology and connectivity to ensure quality distance or in person learning
  • Over 3,000 neighbors benefit from St. Phillip’s community center programs

St. Philip’s provides robust academics, project based learning, differentiated instruction, STEM, robotics, Spanish, and fine arts to students from PK2 to 7th grade (ages 2-13). St. Phillip’s offers full day PK2 – PK4.

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