According to a OnePoll survey , nearly 50% of Americans consider a family relocation to be the topmost stressful life event – even more taxing than divorce or child rearing. Moving should come with a bright yellow warning label: Do NOT try this alone! Regardless of the reasons why you are compelled to relocate, you will find yourself faced with literally hundreds of decisions. What if relocating means moving states? A wise decision is to pick the DFW Metroplex in Texas, because Texas has a booming economy, the housing is affordable, there is no state income tax, and education is top notch.  If sports are your thing, the sports culture is lively, and the food and drink options are second to none!

Texas it is, but you still face a mountain of decisions: one of which is “what DFW city suits my family the best?”, “Which has the best school district, best universities, lowest taxes, riding and walking trails, outdoor activities or the lowest taxes?” “Would moving a mile North or South increase your housing cost by triple digits?” And speaking of financing, “How do I get a mortgage in Texas?”

Regardless of how many times you have relocated, you are certainly feeling the stress of it! Engaging the help of a professional Real Estate Broker and connecting with a Mortgage Broker are the two most valuable things that will take the load off your shoulders.

How do you find a Real Estate Broker that matches your needs as a Buyer, and a mortgage professional that can walk your through the loan process?

The answer is simple, so look no further! Meet Natalia Bennett, Real Estate Broker, and Debbie O’Dell, Mortgage Broker, a top notch team that has walked in your shoes: they themselves relocated not just between states, but between continents.

Debbie O’Dell, BROKER, Owner of Grace Lending and Natalia Bennett, Real Estate Broker, Owner of The Ascend Real Estate Co.

Natalia and Debbie listen to you. They understand you. You are in control. Because every person and every home are different, and being confident in a perfect match is key. They are YOUR team – and not your usual agents- they are Brokers- business owners -Natalia owns and operates a Real Estate company and Debbie a Mortgage company.  They are the pinnacle, the top, the crème-de-la-crème in the business.  There is no higher, more difficult to earn position in Real Estate and Lending than being a Broker.

Debbie owns Grace Lending – She is a recent Texas transplant from California, who used DFW Relocation guide as her source of information. She was in your shoes just a few months ago. She is a licensed Broker in both California and Texas and is a super star for her clients. Working with Debbie is uncomplicated, as she offers a custom array of loan products suited for each client’s individual needs.

Natalia owns The Ascend Real Estate Co. – She likes to say she is Engineer’d for Real Estate because she holds an undergraduate degree in Engineering and a Master in Business. She has extensive experience with construction and renovation, and is known and respected for her unique approach to supporting her clients long past the closing table. She earns rave reviews from her clients every day.

You are safe with Natalia and Debbie. Reach out today!